DIY study setup, live stream data direct from EHR to EDC, ePRO, eCOA, eConsent, eDiary, simple protocol amendments
Now is the time to experience what live streaming data can do for your clinical trials.

Currently, clinical trial data is copied, screen to screen, from medical center health records to the research database (EHR to EDC). This process is laborious, time-consuming, and expensive.

YonaLink eliminates the manual work involved in data capture to guarantee secure, error-free data collection from EHR to EDC.

Our Advantages

YonaLink alters the landscape of clinical trials, with significant benefits to all stakeholders.

Fast & Error Free
Fast & Error Free

Bypass lengthy, manual processes, and automatically gather error-free data from EHRs.

Increase patient saf
Increase Patient Safety

Get critical trial data in real-time allowing for actionable insights to be developed much sooner.

Save Study Costs
Save Study Costs

Reduce the amount of overhead and waste, shrinking the cost of trials by almost 30 percent.

Save Time to Market
Save Time to Market

Accelerate the development of new drugs and medical devices, bringing therapies to market faster.

Increase diversity
Increase Diversity

Expand the number of sites and the geographic and cultural diversity of participants.

Increase enrollment
Increase Enrollment

Maximizing the number of patients who can participate in studies at any Medical Center.

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